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Sep. 2018 | Online Group Coaching
Oct. 2018 | Byron Bay Workshop
On-demand | Private Coaching
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This is an ORM (Online Reputation Management) Masterclass Coaching Program. Real learning, practically applied within your business.

Each session has structured activities, you and your team start work immediately to improve the online reputation for you and your business.

Activities immediately apply a step-by-step performance improvement learning in your business.  Live professional coaching support ensures your implementation challenges are immediately overcome.  Your business systems and processes are upgraded and automated to ensure this performance improvement is a permanent.

You will never again lay awake at night worrying that an online reputation #fail will impact on your income and reputation.  In addition, this program provides you with systems and strategies to maximise the positive content about your business that is published online.

This Masterclass Program for business owners and professional practitioners who want to:

  • Make sure that they maintain a positive online reputation
  • Know what to do if small things, like bad reviews happen
  • Know what to do if they find themselves the target of trolls who are trying to destroy their business with destructive online content

Even if you do not have an online business, your customers are online

Your customers are online and if they are talking about your products, your services, your support … they are talking about your business online. For professionals marketing a service and businesses marketing products, even if your business does not maintain an online presence, the first step when most people consider buying a good or service is to Google the person or business you are thinking of buying from.

If the first thing a prospective customer sees when they Google you is a bad review, they will have that seed of doubt planted and will start looking for alternatives – or completely remove you from their choice set.

This Masterclass Program is a risk management investment in your business, you can take your business or professional practice to the next level of sustainability by ensuring you have a systematised, automated, process that manages your online reputation.

Do the work once, then automate through systematising the process so you can confidently hand over the ongoing management of the process to your team.


1 – Understand when your online reputation is at risk

You will have a monitoring toolkit that will alert you when your online reputation is at risk.
You will have a detailed understanding of just how important your online reputation is to your business sustainability.

2 – Reputation Status in 5 Easy Steps

The 5 steps to determining the status of your online reputation, including how to find undetected comments and bad reviews.
How to automate the ongoing monitoring of your online reputation.

3 – Build your own, online reputation management strategy

You will be able to create an Online Reputation Management Strategy that is customised for your target market, including how to create content that speaks directly to your tribe.


4 – Systematise & automate your ORM strategy

How to automate and systematise your online reputation management strategy, ensuring that you will be able to implement your strategy through other people, confidently delegate the ongoing process to your team.


5 – Damage Control Tools

Strategies for minimising and counteracting negative online publicity.
#Fail survival tips, what to do if something happens and you find yourself smack in the middle of an online crisis.


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AUD$90.00 | VIP – Working On Your Business
Group Masterclass Program Sessions

Online Event

Includes 3x group live online coaching sessions + ORM Program materials online for reference.

Business founders, senior managers and professional practitioners who prefer to learn the material live, over working exclusively with the online materials this is the Coaching Method program for you. In addition to learning the coaching content live, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and raise specific issues directly with their ORM Coach.

There is no guarantee that every specific question will be answered during the online coaching sessions, as they are group coaching sessions, the coach will prioratise addressing the issues the Group define as major themes and then if there is time the coach will address individual coaching questions that effect individuals but not shared by the group. This is the most cost effective option for business founders and practitioners who prefer to learn live and be able to ask questions about content and how to customise the learning to their particular business and industry.

This pricing includes 3x 45-min to an hour group online coaching sessions.
1x personal introduction session to demonstrate how to access resources and use the conference room technology
Access to the Online Resources will remain active for 6-months.

Extension to resource online access or download training videos are available for Founders who wish to use this training program as an induction process for their online content management team. Please speak with your coach for pricing on these options.

All online Group Coaching Sessions are scheduled for 12.30 mid-day Australian Eastern Time (Sydney)
the online recorded session is made available online for people who can’t attend live.

Delivery: online in a private conference room – access via a web browser and/or via the local phone number (Capital City number) or voip dial-in.


AUD$250.00 | VIP Ticket
AUD$150.oo | Extra Team Member Ticket
| VIP – Working On Your Business Live Workshop

Byron Bay | Sydney | Brisbane | Your worksite by appointment

Includes 2x half-day live workshops. [one-day intensive also available]

Business founders, senior managers and professional practitioners are encouraged to bring their online content team with them to the workshop.  A discount is offered for extra team members who work at the same organisation.

Access to the Online Resources will remain active for 18-months.

Extension to resource online access or download training videos are available for Founders who wish to use this training program as an induction process for their online content management team. Please speak with your coach for pricing on these options.


AUD$380.00 | VIP Private Coaching
Online or In-person Program Delivery

Schedule for delivery at a time that fits with your team requirements

Includes a personal walk through of the technology and how to access the online resources + 3x coaching sessions + access to the online ORM Program materials for 18-months.

For business founders, senior managers and professional practitioners. If you do not have the time to sit through the Group Coaching, with discussions that may not be directly related to your business or your industry. You may prefer highly targeted technical support focused exclusively on your business issues and challenges.

This pricing includes 3x 30-min personal coaching sessions and 18-months access to the online ORM Coaching Program materials. Coaching Sessions can be delivered live in Byron Bay (other locations by negotiation) or online. Helpful for a refresh if a tricky issue arises and induction when you get new staff members joining the team.

To sign-up for this program, just click the button above to go to a page that will give you immediate access to the manual and training videos.

With this program you get immediate access to the pre-recorded 5 briefing sessions and the full Workbook Manual.  You can get started right now, improving your business Online Reputation Management and automating your ORM processes.

You will be contacted within 36-hrs to set up a time for your initial consultation.

Who should attend

This Masterclass Program is primarily for organisation founders and managers.

Teams responsible for managing the online reputation of an organisation or company.

Even very small businesses and organisations will benefit from this course; if you sell on eBay or have a spare room or holiday home you let through Air BnB then you already know the damage a poor review can do to your business – for small and large businesses managing your online reputation is an essential business capability.

For individuals seeking to manage their professional online reputation, if you are a consultant or freelancer, this Program will definitely add a layer of risk-management to your marketing strategy.


There are no Pre-requisites for this Masterclass Program.


When you mark all sessions complete, you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion.

The certificate is customised with your name, so please set your name up in your profile as you would like it to appear.

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