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Template Name: Classic #1

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Immediate Download

Get a head start drafting your Curriculum vitae or Resume with one of our pre-formatted templates.

What you get with this Template Package:

  • A4 Microsoft Word – .docx version of both cover letter template and Curriculum vitae/Resume Template
  • A4 Microsoft Word – .doc version of both cover letter template and Curriculum vitae/Resume Template
  • An instruction Flyer with links for download of one (1) font  [the fonts are free to download]

Fully Editable

Both the Cover Letter and the Curriculum vitae/Resume Template are fully editable; you can change the colour, font and formatting to what ever you want.

Both the Cover Letter and Curriculum vitae/Resume Template are formatted on one-page.  You can add more pages but you need to copy and paste the formatting to create the second page.

Edit Pre-requisite

You need access to a word-processor to edit both the Cover Page and Curriculum vitae/Resume Template.

The template is designed to be edited using Microsoft Word.  We have provided both the .doc and .docx versions ready for you to immediately edit.

If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer there is a subscription service with a free trial on the Microsoft website (link in the download flyer).

If you cannot access a free copy of Microsoft Word have had good reports of successful editing using the free word-processor  WPS Kingsoft Writer (link in the download flyer).   We do not guarantee all the formatting will be as reliable  using WPS Kingsoft Writer, as it is if you use Microsoft Word for editing, but we have had good reports from other clients.

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