Business Process Automation: The Foundation For Growth

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Evolve your business, are you are ready to delegate and grow your team?

Your business processes are the accumulated lessons learned from hard won experience.

This coaching program is a simple, fast step-by-step system to help you capture the unique value you have created as you grow your business.

This Masterclass Program for business owners and professional practitioners who want to:

  • change and improve inefficient processes in their business or organisation
  • document business processes so they can more easily be delegated to subordinates or outsourced
  • capture their unique and efficient business processes, document and automate their strength, their competitive advantage.

When it comes time to grow you want to capture their unique and efficient business processes; they are your strength, your competitive advantage.

The way to capture what it is that you do more efficiently, better than your competitors, is to turn it into a business process.  Once you have developed a competitive advantage you do not want it to be reliant on you doing it forever – if you document it as a business process you can outsource or delegate the process to others without losing effectiveness.

Business Process Automation allows competitive advantages and effective systems to be captured so that you get things done the way you want them done, even if you are off on holiday!

This course is for business owners and managers who are getting ready to expand, to grow.

There is a time cost, an investment to be made, when you want to systematise your business. This is why, unless they are going to outsource, sole traders do not get a great deal of return out of automation – the return on investment is significant and grows exponentially as your business grows and you bring on more team members. The documentation of a business process allows you to maintain quality and reduce the time it takes for new staff members or contractors to get up to speed with what needs to be done.

When you find ways to simplify, speed up, and streamline processes, you’ll have happier team members –because they will know exactly what you want done and how you want it done leading to satisfied customers, lower costs and growing revenues. You’ll finally end up with the breathing room needed to focus on applying your innovation and vision to new areas of your business – work on the business, not in the business.


1 – Identify priority business processes for automation

What process will deliver you the greatest return on your time investment? Simplify as complexity increases error. Complexity also increases personal stress.

2 – Document your existing processes
Identify the deliverable at each phase of the process, the quality controls and allowable variation – how do you know you have done it correctly. What parts of the process could be impacted upon by others doing or not doing their part – what are the deadlines for each phase of the process.

3 – How to analyse a business processes
When to outsource, when to automate and delegate. Tools, monitoring retaining your competitive edge and trade secrets.

4 – How to change, fine-tune, optimise and document existing business processes
Tools, resources and where to find them. Identify pre-requisite training on use of tools and resources. How to make your new process “teachable” for less skilled employees or new-starts.

5 – How to validate, test and implement new business processes
Communications, testing and validation for new skills levels, realistic expectations. When to use a Pilot.  Monitoring and measuring performance

AUD$350.00 | Per Person Ticket
Live Workshop

Byron Bay | Sydney | Brisbane | Your worksite by appointment

Is run in one of the following formats:

  • three x half-day live workshops.
  • four x 2-hr evening class workshops
  • one full-day intensive workshop

There is no online group-coaching version of this training programme, but there is individual executive coaching available.

Who should attend

This Masterclass Program is primarily for organisation founders, directors and managers.

Teams responsible for preparing an organisation or company for growth.

For individuals and sole-traders who are looking to outsource or delegate more of their back office operations so they can focus on the service delivery part of their business.


There are no Pre-requisites for this Masterclass Program.


Participants will receive a Paper and PDF Certificate of Completion if they complete the activities and participate in this course at a live workshop. Online coaching will include only a PDF Certificate.

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